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It has now been over a decade since Thailand agreed to allow Russian nationals to visit the country without a Visa. Visitors from Russia are given the standard 30 day visa stamp in their passport as many other countries.

This caused a large influx of Russians over the last several years. And of course, Thailand was looking for a way to boost their tourism economy and to increase annual Russian visitors to the country.

Now in recent times, you will see tons of Russians in Thailand. It is a preferred holiday destination for them. You will also now see lots of sexy Russian girls in Pattaya! Another point is that many men like Russian ladies. They are known to be elegant with beautiful bodies. This has caused increased interest in Russian ladies from men of all nationalities that visit Thailand. As mentioned previously, the demand has increased for Russian ladies over the last decade in Pattaya.

Men have began to see more of them while on vacation here. This is true for Russian men and also men from others nationalities who have a preference for Russian ladies: Women who are light skinned, blue eyes, tall and sexy. As demand grew, not only were Thai chicks working in the bars, but also new bars were opening for women of other countries, especially Russian girls due to the large influx of travelers from Russia.

Originally this was welcomed as many many guys liked the variety of being able to find girls of other nationalities. In Thailand today, Russian women are considered more expensive than your average Thai girl.

In the Walking street Russian clubs they are very expensive. Even more so than the best Go Go girls. Many men from other countries who have a preference for these types of women, have no problem paying the higher prices. Many Asian, Arab, Indian men love Russian ladies. The top Russian girls are mainly in Walking Street.

You will easily see them as you walk here as the ladies or promoters will try and get your attention to come in the club. The prices in these bars are very high. Even higher then the top end Thai Go Go bars. Men who specifically want those chicks to party with in Pattaya. Beach Road is mostly Thai local women hanging out at night , but you will also find ladies of other nationalities.

Many of them buy packages from Russian tourist agents, which include flight, transportation to Pattaya, hotel, and sometimes even some activities. Most of these couples are not from Moscow. These girls may work for real estate companies, selling condos to other Russians. And some of them may have a role in a legitimate business that they operate with their husband or boyfriend. They exist, and some of them are decent looking and even single.

I also know someone who wound up marrying one that he met working in the same industry. And that is because most of these women are not from Russia, but nearby countries like Ukraine. Some of the girls in these places try to get as much as they can out of you without going home with you.

Some will let you pay money to spend time with them outside of the club, but they will not go home with you. It may be possible to get everything you want, but for a similar amount of money you can probably just buy a round trip flight to Poland. That is no longer the case. There are Eastern European escorts in Pattaya, that is true. Good look finding them though! I once had the opportunity to get one, but here was the deal: A girl, who was supposedly decent looking, was supposed to show up at my hotel.

I believe some of these girls can be found at certain clubs late on weekend nights. Ok, if you really want to get with an Eastern European girl, here are your only options:. Most of the Russian guys in Pattaya are really nice once you actually start talking to them.

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Never Hire Independent Russian escort in Pattaya. One can go for the escor Single Western guys on the prowl in Thailand are generally looking for Thai women. Beach Road is mostly Thai local women hanging out at night , but you will also find ladies of other nationalities. We make sure you would have access to us anywhere of these places. Are you thrilled to find out?
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