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Enjoy your own journey and enjoy the full freedom and freedom , Use the amount of consumption on board, to create a completely personal experience of pleasure at sea. From November 13 until the end of the year, Virgo will carry out five-day voyages to Ho Chi Minh City and Nha Trang in Vietnam, as well as a weekend voyage in Hong Kong designed to allow more Shenzhen citizens to experience the cruise.

The total exhibition area is 15, square meters, with well-known design institutes and enterprises exhibiting in China, the United States, Germany, Spain, the UK, the Netherlands, Denmark, and Japan. In addition, this exhibition for the first time in the center of the exhibition area to set up a national double the main venue of the main venue of the week, focused on the show in , the main venue of the project two weeks, including an electric air control aerials UAV, optical peak Xiaoming laser micro Investment, Lan Feng VR cameras.

Pieces of innovative design quality. At the same time, Achievo has set up a two-week exhibition area to showcase the achievements and cases of industrial design to boost scientific and technological innovation and industrial transformation and upgrading. In addition, this exhibition for the first time in the center of the exhibition area to set up a national double the main venue of the main venue of the week, focused on the show in , the main venue of the two parts of the project, including an aerospace intelligent control aerial photography, optical peak Xiaoming laser micro- Investment, Lan Feng VR cameras.

Shenzhen Industrial Design Industry Association, executive vice president and secretary-general Feng Changhong said that the purpose of this exhibition is to pass a message that innovative technology, innovative products and services, business model, are inseparable from the support of industrial design. Both comprehensive strength and development speed, Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen, the three major national financial center relative to other regional financial centers have maintained an absolute leading position.

Industrial performance, although the Shenzhen region banking, insurance institutions, strength and degree of internationalization slightly inferior, but the value-added financial industry in Shenzhen three-year average growth rate of This is the first time deep into the global top universities in the world university rankings revealed. School strength to enhance, attracting a large number of high-quality students, , Shenzhen University, the main entry into a batch of students, the new line in the province ranked fourth in colleges and universities.

In the introduction of high-level personnel and the cultivation of high-level teachers, and guide colleges and universities to actively participate in national, provincial and municipal personnel programs, focusing on the introduction of world-class universities, research institutions, teaching and research experience of high-level talent.

By , the introduction of more than 50 high-level innovation team and more than 1, high-level talent at home and abroad, including academicians of the two academicians, Cheung Kong Scholars Professor, thousands of people selected, million people selected, the National Outstanding Young Winners Reaching more than After years of reform, innovation and exploration, Shenzhen higher education has portrayed a desirable blueprint.

The first through the government-funded way to help workers in education, tuition fees by the government, enterprises, individuals 8: Xu Qin stressed that the planning and construction of the theme park is the implementation of the Sixth Party Congress established efforts to build a modern internationalization of innovative city an important measure.

Before the end of this year, the city will start the international friendly city parks, space parks and a number of characteristics of the theme park planning and construction. Importantly, these performances and exhibitions all free of charge, the public friends can go to the scene to watch. From Poland, Tuva Republic and other countries of the avant-garde artists came to the Beacon Hill, for public art performances.

Activities From October 28 to November 4 this Friday , regardless of the elderly, children or urban youth and other social groups, can be in this art week to find their own fun. It is understood that this event by the Futian District, cultural and sports undertakings to promote the development of special funds to sponsor, Futian District, Shenzhen Huafu Street office as a guide unit, Shenzhen Ming Festival Cultural Development Co.

The audience was deeply touched by this form of interpretation never touched, when Sainkho bowed to the end of the performance several times, the audience applause prolonged. If there are a thousand people in the eyes of a thousand Hamlet, I believe in the presence of every audience, the interpretation of this show are not the same, this is the art of great and wonderful place. Now on November 20, Shenzhen escort residents to stay in the local can feel the rich British style.

October 28, by the Chinese construction investment in the construction of the first complete subway line in Shenzhen Metro Line 9 two months before the official opening and operation. Hey mans,i am Joan,20age,D,It is hard to imagine that the goddess in my heart is also coming.

Far away,pls call me. Hey mans,i am Alice,You show your grace without reservation, you say, youth needs absurdity. When you change into a soft nightdress, all the handsome ones become gentle fragrance. The most attractive black gold skirt is not only the charming chest line.

Hey mans,i am Ruby,20age,D,The high mountain prospect on the chest, the sexy and soft and charming, the charming and charming heart, the unmoving heart and spleen. Hey mans,i amJay,21age,C,She changed into the black perspective underwear, such temptation could only be the desire of the devil at the crossroads, or the works of Satan. Love is you, nothing else. A red skirt is like a fire, like a flower along the side of the bank. Hey mans,i am Carina,22age,D, Like your sour, like your sweet, like your glance back smile moment.

Compared to the Black Satin Pajamas, the style is completely different,pls call me. There is no congestion in Beijing or the high rhythm in Shanghai. I am very happy to live in this city.

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Occasionally the penalties can be quite harsh in prostitution business. This is Ana, a 21 years old, slender and dlicate-looking like a China Doll girl. The girls usually will agree to BJ without condom discuss this while negotiating the price. I will say that it is your fault if During the daytime, I work as a beauty-consultant. While you are in Shenzhen, you can find lots of shops offering sexual services. Fashion design is an important manifestation of cultural and creative industries, at present, Shenzhen, as the source of the national fashion design industry, has a large number of leading fashion trend of the brand, gathered the best fashion designers, to create the design capital of Shenzhen, a Global fashion center laid a solid foundation.
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