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Not real lucrative for the pilot car company operators. It was an honest effort but there remained dating rus problem. How are they going to get the carriers to come to it? Post to our loadboard. We promise you the more effort you put in here the better it will pay pilot escort broker. Like anything else your pilot escort broker is going to return what you put into it.
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But we all have to eat. A small hand full of truck escort and pilot car companies did flourish during these start up days as they were internet savvy and could get their pages to show up in the first results of the search engines.

However, the pilot car brokerage industry had long before discovered that advertising was everything. So they put way more effort into building their websites to maintain their positions within the industry and guess what?

A huge vast majority of the the work available to pilot car company operators and managers is from loadboards that are run by brokers. Getting up to speed and catching up with technology. Many companies gave it their best shot at running pilot car directories including us.

It was an honest effort but there remained a problem. With a list, no matter how you organize it, shake it up or whatever; randomly, alphabetically, last edited — someone always has to be at the bottom of the list. Not to mention all of those who are in the middle. While this was a good effort to organize the industry it was not the solution. It was totally random, unorganized and not energy efficient as you may have just hired a company but in many cases there was also another pilot car company that had an available driver just a few miles down the road.

The industry cried for a true loadboard to be built but the technology required to do it was cost prohibitive. The same old game. Finally, a solution is born. We needed a solution to keep carriers happy. We knew that some sort of position based technology was going to be required. Whether it involved some program that tracked cell phones on a map or involved sending a text message to some elaborate system, position based technology would be the only solution.

Not only to balance out the ration of pilot cars running direct vs running for a brokerage, but to make the industry run more efficiently with one centralized location for all pilot cars. It drained us pretty darn good. But, what PiloTrac did for the pilot car industry by enabling a visual geo-location live directory displayed on a map instead of a list was revolutionary.

Thus making the industry more efficient by being able to actually see where the company has equipment located in relationship to where you need service. Pilot car and truck escort companies can also post their available locations live as well so oversize trucking company drivers and dispatchers can see where pilot car companies have equipment available today as well as in the future.

Yes, into the future. That pilot car company operator can then post that pilot car as tentavely being in that location on that day so oversize trucking dispatchers can see them and book them for use either ahead of time or on the fly the day they need them. Now, to fully address question the idea of brokers being needed in the pilot car industry.

At least for now. Not every company can have a contact in every place nor can they book themselves every single run they make with PiloTrac. However, the percentage ratio of pilot car runs that are brokered is simply way too high. Diversity and equality is what makes this great nation so great!

One way other the other carrier management and especially owner ops want the pilot car industry to catch up with the rest of the world technologically speaking and all be listed in one place and preferably live just like a truck posting board so whether it takes on summer or 5 years pilot car companies will eventually realize live posting is the higher road.

It reduces dead-head, is much more efficient and enables companies to even book their next run before their completed with the one they are currently on. Anything outside of that like permits or pilot cars is just going in one ear and out of the other: Will do and so on. Eventually one way of the other it will catch on and that will be that. People looking for pilot car companies have their hands full of multi-tasking already and the last thing they want is to run a search and data mine 15 pages of results to try and locate a company that is in say Flagstaff, AZ that is available there.

How are they going to get the carriers to come to it? This is the long version and I truly hope it helps you perspective wise and all-the-way around. On a different note just this week we uploaded a free mobile phone app that allows pilot cars to post their live locations to PiloTrac.

This version is for iPhone users and the Android version will be uploaded to Google Play next week sometime.

Best of fortune to you D and M Pilot Car! We used to have the ability for trucking companies to post loads. Turns out the majority of trucking company dispatchers, owner operators, etc. However, trucking companies with huge jobs that at times entail multiple runs are no longer up for grab by everyone but rather the pin they click and call now.

I also have a listing and I also am not getting any calls. Starting to wonder what I paid for??? I would suggest you build the king of all listings. Add a minimum of words as Google suggests you do, be creative and talk about the services you offer, your history and what got you into the industry. Also use all of the photo upload spaces or place a youtube url. Get the phone app and persistently live post every chance your available.

Also consider your geographic location. Consider this; if you book even a single run in one year it easily pays for itself.

Also, you have yourself out there in front of a huge audience and the opportunities that will start to come in will be opportunities that you never would have known about had you not posted here.

We promise you the more effort you put in here the better it will pay off. This is a much more serious environment and your listing is basically a website for your company. Don I just saw this. Ok, to address your issue;. Violations of this agreement could result in you or your company being temporarily or permanently banned from the web site.

Requests for written statements regarding the reasons why Find A Pilot Car Administration closed or cancelled your account must be received in writing at our mailing address Loretto Rd.

Jacksonville, FL within 90 days of the account closing. All parties agree that the legal jurisdiction for any dispute is Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida.

Everyone — Anyone can perform a car search absolutely free of charge. Fee based services are monthly recurring membership subscriptions.

Dormant, inactive, and orphaned accounts may be closed after 1 year of inactivity. Account activity constitutes periodically logging into the FindAPilotCar. An account log in establishes a "last online" date thereby creating account activity. Inclusion of any linked web site on FindAPilotCar.

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It drained us pretty darn good. And we love it. Not getting any calls Reply. The type and number of pilot cars your shipment requires can vary greatly based on factors such as location, load weight, dimensions, travel dates and times, just to name a few. Getting up to speed and catching up with technology. Flagger Colas reviews.
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