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Average rating from members. Remember Me on This Computer. Gabi is one of them, of course. It begins with a bomb threat. Excuse me, there's been a bomb threat to your school, could we adjust our focus, please? It's very hard not to get consumed with the story, as long as you're sucked in right away. Sara lynn escort] wasn't too big sara lynn escort] a fan of Eric and Miguel though, and the new york incall escort felt flat to me.
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Injured, out of work, and stumbling through life, he happened to start writing down his thoughts. Once that happened, he fell in love and has been writing since. War Of The Chiefs. Mijn bibliotheek Help Geavanceerd zoeken naar boeken. Boeken kopen Google Play Browse door 's werelds grootste eBoekenwinkel en begin vandaag nog met lezen op internet, je tablet, telefoon of eReader.

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Gabi, of course, is chosen to be one of those who listen and offer resources to those callers. She begins a rather unlikely friendship with Janae since they're both assigned to the helpline. They get weird phone calls on each of their shifts and then Gabi connects with one of the callers and knows for a fact due to a gut feeling that he's the bomber. Gabi takes it upon herself to try and fix things and everything begins to spin out of control. It's very hard not to get consumed with the story, as long as you're sucked in right away.

All the relationships between characters feel real and not contrived in the sightest. The only relationship that I felt was rushed was Gabi's relationship with her boyfriend, Miguel. They went from kissing to "I love you" way too fast in my opinion. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this book and look forward to reading more by Sarah Lynn Scheerger.

I really enjoyed this book, it is totally up there amongst my easy reading, easy to be sucked into stories. It is full of suspense and keeps you guessing and wondering continuously throughout. The story starts with a bomb threat in a high school, this is where you will meet Gabi. She is the girl who never gets into trouble and always comes out on top as a straight A student. Not the most popular and a bit of a plain Jane. New friends and new values are considered throughout the book.

The story runs a lot deeper than first imagined when reading the synopsis. I was constantly guessing who, what and why. I had to keep reading to see if i was correct when guessing, it really is so full of suspense i was unable to put the book down.

It has everything, mystery, love, friendship, values and more. It really had me on the edge of my seat. Definitely worth a read and i will be recommending it to others. Special thanks to the publisher and to Netgalley for the opportunity to read the book in exchange for an honest review.

I loved this book. The author really captures the surroundings and details of characters. Like when Gabi was trapped in the bathroom. Overall, I really enjoyed this book and I would highly recommend this book to anyone! Are you still there? By Sara Lynn Schearger, Albert Whitman, Gabi, the daughter of a police detective has her future all planned out, but a bomb threat at her school has a major impact on her life. She starts volunteering after school for a helpline, where she gets to know Miguel, the son of their housekeeper.

Their paths might never have crossed except for the hotline. Soon Gabi is trying new things and no longer so hung up on academics. The threat is still there, as she finds random clues in her locker, but the trail goes cold until she realized who the threat really is. Fast paced, great character growth. This book is about bullying and empathy and making choices in your relationships that you are proud of. Sarah Lynn Sheerger does a great job of keeping the suspense throughout the entire book I loved the little clues we would get about callers on the helpline.

Gabi is independent and smart and she the way she evolves over time as she deals with the complexities of the bombing mystery, a closed mouthed sister, and a first boyfriend. The plot and pacing in this book are well executed. What I didn't like: I felt like there were some inconsistencies with relationship and a few loose ends.

And maybe not quite enough clues about the actual bomber! Overall, this is fast, fun read. Really enjoyed the book. Definitely had the suspense factor.

I was able to guess who the bomber was early on, but I still enjoyed the process that the main character went through to figure out who the bomber was. Thanks for the copy. We have seen them on the news and the television. Those kinds of things.

School shootings, mass murders at the church, bomb threats, those sort of horrifying things that never, ever, ever seem real until it happens to you.

Are You Still There focuses on a bomb that doesn't go off; its maker is unknown and hunted by the police. The community is nervous and scared, and everyone wonders if or when the bomber will strike again. The story starts off on that particular day. A bomb threat, and a serious one at that, is made, and a bomb is found.

It is most certainly a stressful time for the main character, Gabriella, who is a star student and heading to wonderful places meaning, good colleges and universities. As I said before, it is even more shocking that the bombmaker isn't found at all, making everyone suspicious and afraid. Whoever it is still walks through the halls of the main character's very school, and it could be anyone.

It makes for an incredibly compelling book that has so much potential and originality. Gabriella has a lot on her plate, especially after the effects of the bomb threat. She has two love interests, but more importantly, she has a new job as a listener on the school's new helpline. Troubles unfold when Gabriella receives prank calls pretending to be the bomber , strange calls possibly from the actual bomber , and texts asking "Are you still there?

There are also calling cards from the supposed bomber, and slowly, she realizes that she is in way too deep. It becomes a chase to stop the next bombing. The book is split into two parts. One is entries of the bomber's journal, and the other is Gabriella's POV and chapters which usually appears before the bomber's entries.

The entries are much more interesting and cryptic, and it provides many details about the bomber's life. Still, it is hard to determine the actual identity. I'm very disappointed by the number of red herrings and how the author took a simple way out.

There was so much buildup pointing to multiple characters. Overall, Are You Still There is a creepy and intriguing thriller that begs the readers to solve its mystery. It is fun and suspenseful to read, though the conclusion of the mystery remains unsatisfying. Gabriella is a stellar and good character, and the villain is thought-provoking. Three out of Five.

Very suspenseful and engaging. I liked this story very much. The concept was fresh and relevant to our teens today and the evolution of the characters as they interacted was like a modern and much deeper Breakfast Club. I think this is a good book for teens and will be recommending it to readers! What a great read!! The story line was well paced. The characters were diverse and substantial. The sub-stories were equally important. Coming into your own sense of self, navigating through the unknowns of romantic feelings, the ebb and flow of friendships, stepping out of the shadows to help someone in need, balancing the social and academic elements of school, trust, love, despair, indifference, inclusion - each experienced by every living being differently and with varying degrees of success and understanding.

I would recommend this book to readers in middle school to adults. Are You Still There is a great thriller that delves into the stigma of teenage bullying. Gabriella starts working with other students in her school on a secret crisis hotline, in hopes of preventing another bomb threat at her school.

The book is interspersed with journal entries from The Stranger, as Gabriella and the cops try to discover the bombers identity. I love books that are unpredictable and start with a bang and keep me guessing right until the end! This is one that I will definitely buy for my Library as it opens with a girl hiding in the toilets during a bomb threat on her school in the US, Gina is our main character, only 11 months older than her sister Chloe, daughter of a cop and a neurotic housewife, straight A final year student who has never had a boyfriend.

The bomb is real but defused, so the school sets up a helpline run by final year students, of which Gina is one. It is also in response to a suicide that happened 12 months ago. And now the fun begins Threw into this mix, the attentions of two boys, Miguel quintessential Mexican bad boy and Eric nice nerd with a crush ; a distant sister and her depressed friend, a judgemental bestie, an ex-alcoholic new friend and you have a dozen red herrings Underline all this with the bomber's diary and you have a suspenseful and engaging story that older teens will love!

The issues of suicide, bullying, and clique driven world of high school are looked at carefully, and there are notes at the end of the novel regarding phone numbers and places to go for help. This was a thrilling read. I was kept on the edge of my seat at all times. It makes you play detective yourself. I thought it was three different people that was the terrorist through the book and was wrong every time.

This was my first book by Sarah Lynn Scheerger and I really enjoyed it. It had a perfect combination of mystery and romance, but was also a coming of age story.

I was a bit of a goody-two shoes in high school, so it was easy to connect with Gabi and understand why she felt the need to be perfect. I loved watching her rebel a bit and take a step back to actually enjoy her time in high school.

I also liked the way her relationship with Miguel developed. There was no instalove and it took time for these two to get together. Aside from that, there was the element of mystery. It added a unique and creepy element to the story. There were a few red herrings added in to keep you guessing as far as who was behind the bomb threat. If you're looking for a straight up mystery, this might not be the book for you as there is definitely focus on the romance and coming of age piece.

But if you like your stories with a hint of mystery, I'd definitely check this out. I received a copy of this from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This book kept me on the edge of my seat through every page. The story progresses beautifully and continuously keeps you guessing! A thriller from start to finish! The best book I've read for a while! I honestly couldn't put it own once I started! Right from the first chapter I was hooked!

I also feel like this could be a great movie! This story is told by Gabi, with intermixed glimpse's into the mind of "Stranger" who has found himself determined to make a statement.

The story starts when a bomb is found in a very large high school. No one was injured, but Gabi and her friends are nervous about what has happened and what will come. Volunteering for the help line give Gabi a chance to help others and please her mom as well as a way to meet new people. This story is full of drama and deals with a lot of relevant teenage problems.

The story also deals with strained relationship between Gabi and her sister, as well as Gabi dealing with what could be her first love. I really like this story, it was true to the world of teenagers and it was focused on a lot of the issues that are presented. I thought Gabi was a little too perfect and then the end found her straying from the character she presented herself as the entire book, but overall I will recommend this to my high school students as a book to read along with 13 Reasons Why and Nineteen Minutes.

Gabi's got it all and she is on track to the colleges of her parents' dreams. When a bomb threat puts her school on lockdown, Gabi finds herself beginning to question her goals and dreams. She accepts a position on the school's new help hotline and finds herself overwhelmed by her responsibilities and strange mysterious calls that begin coming in.

Can she help the police determine the identity of the bomber before he or she strikes again? At times intense and other times humorous, this story is relate-able and relevant. It tackles the hot-button topic of bullying without being trite, and really gets readers to stop and think, not just about the tole of the bully but also of the non-acting bystander. Gabi is trapped in a bathroom while her school is under a lock down from a bomb threat. She hides in a stall for hours and refuses to make a noise, until eventually the police check the bathroom and escort Gabi out of the school where she joins her other classmates.

Both Gabi and her sister Chloe are traumatized of the event and no longer feel safe at the school since the bomber is not found and could be any of the students. After the threat, Gabi and a handful of other students are selected to work on a helpline where people can anonymously call or text if something bothers them. While trying to balance the helpline, her academics, her social life, and volunteering outside of school, Gabi finds playing cards with messages on them stuffed in her locker.

She knows the creepy messages are from the bomber and wonders why he has selected her for communication. As Gabi befriends her fellow helpline workers, she believes the bomber has contacted her through the helpline and that he's willing to strike again. I would have given this book 5 stars if it had not been for the plot. The plot wasn't as suspenseful since a good chunk of the book focused on Gabi's relationships with her parents, sister, friends, and boyfriend.

Everything did connect together at the end, but in my opinion this book should have focused more on the suspense building up from the bomb threat and trying to find out who it was instead of Gabi wondering if she should date a guy. Regardless, I loved everything else about the book and the story kept me turning the page to find out what happened next and who the bomber was. I didn't figure out who it was right away as I suspected certain characters, but a little more than halfway through the novel I grasped onto the clue on who it was.

I was very pleased with this novel and recommend it to anyone who likes a good read. I highly recommend it;. I really enjoyed this book and I think that it will resonate well among readers of all walks of life. The main character Gabi is your typical super smart, straight A, AP taking, stressed out high school student.

The story follows Gabi and her new found group of friends as they volunteer at a peer helpline. In the process Gabi and her friends try to find out who the bomber is while Gabi tries to figure out who she is and who she wants to be.

After the bomb scare Ms. At the same time there are excerpts from the bombers personal diary. You begin to understand why the bomber is the way they are. It makes you realize how much being a bystander can effect the person being bullied. I absolutely loved how there were resources for victims of bullying in the back of the book, and overall this was a really good book.

I got sent a physical copy of this book and I am darn gladI did. I couldn't put it down. It is for sure a book I will recommend to the kids at school. I kept thinkingi had it all figured out. I was surprised when it got to the climax. I can say I didn't see it coming and I can figure most books out quickly.

I plan to find everything written by this author and read them all. So first off I've never read a book dealing with this subject matter before so wasn't sure if I was going to like it. But I was really interesting I was so hooked from the beginning, I don't understand what everyone else read who said they didn't like it because no offense this book is really good.

It has these mysterious "Stranger" passages before each chapter then it's transferred over to the main protagonist. Whom is just this perfect student.

The mystery unravels each chapter just to become even more twisted I swear by the end I was a ball of nerves and was like come on who is it already. I loved this book and would definitely recommend it. Great characters, overly suspenseful, and intriguing story. Through its protagonist, this book has commentary on all the groups of high school: Enjoyable, not too graphic, but the themes are strong ones.

Love the protagonist and me being able to connect with the storyline It begins with a bomb threat. Or at least everyone thinks it's just a threat - but Gabi knows the bomb was real. Her dad is the lead detective on the case and she "overheard" him talking about it.

She has never missed a day of school so of course she was on campus when it happened. She was in the bathroom, hiding in a stall, curled on top of the toilet hoping her feet didn't show through the bottom of the door and desperately trying not to pee. She didn't want to make any noise.

Afterwards her perfect life seems to be disappearing in a puff of smoke. The school creates a peer counseling line to help deal with the aftermath of the threat, and try to "improve the culture of the school" to prevent it from happening again and she is recruited to take part.

But it's just another in a long list of volunteer opportunities for college, which already take up all of her free time. Her best friend is drawing away, her sister is acting weird, she's stopped studying, and now she is dating one of the "losers".

When she starts getting mysterious letters in her locker, and calls on the Line that she thinks might be from the bomber she doesn't know what to do. Telling her dad could set the bomber off, but keeping it to herself could blow up her life. Then suddenly she starts making connections, and with her new friends she thinks she knows what this is all about and how to keep anyone from getting hurt. But can she do it in time?

The book gets so focused on getting the message across you lose the actual story. That didn't happen with Are You Still There. As soon as I got up the next day and finished my morning duties I threw myself into my armchair and began reading again. There are so many characters that I felt slightly overwhelmed by their personalities, but I very much enjoyed the slow unveiling of their layers. Not everybody was who they seemed to be - it really captured high school.

I think it helped that author Sarah Lynn Scheerger is a licensed clinical social worker. She works with at-risk youth, so she sees these personalities all the time and her writing really showed that. This is a timely book considering the culture of bullying we've seen rise to the media's attention in recent years. It brings attention not only to the side of the observing student - the student who does nothing, tries to remain uninvolved - but of the victim.

The one who feels isolated and alone, who is drowning in hopelessness. Particularly poignant, to me, was the fact that Gabi was helping her friends on the Line without even realizing it. As the reader I was able to identify the situations with the surrounding characters and sadly see what Gabi did not. It brings home the point that is being made - it isn't always the direct actions that hurt, but also the indirect actions of those who ignore the pain of others, and that bullying comes from many sources, not just enemies.

Apparently, no one can. Because I still float, invisible as dust. The plot for this novel just sounded so thrilling and such a nice change to the mystery novels that I usually read. I was looking forwards to something fast-paced and engaging and it didn't let me down, most of the time anyway. Scheerger dived straight into the action with the opening chapter of Are You Still There. Most authors would choose to put the school lockdown and bomb threat towards the end of their novels, but Schreeger throws the readers straight in to the deep end within the first few pages.

Because of this, the novel is gripping right from the first few pages and I thought it was brilliant that the story was instantly engaging and managed to maintain this level of excitement for a large part of the novel.

I did find that there were a lot of points where the novel became less about the mystery of the identity of the 'Stranger' and more about Gabriella's social life and her problems with relationships and coming out of her shell. I also found that a lot of the friendships formed through her volunteering programme were created fairly quickly, considering they were apparently all from completely different cliques.

There were also a lot of parts where I felt like she made terrible decisions and some that just seemed pretty unbelievable, such as the bomber's attachment to Gabi as I don't think we're ever given a reason as to why the bomber chose her over someone else. However I thought that Scheerger's idea for a Student Crisis hotline was great and it was worked really well into the plot with the bomber.

One of my favourite bits was the Stranger Manifesto! It was so well written and it managed to be beautiful and poetic as well as being quite worrying. I think these small glimpses into the mind of the terrorist definitely made everything a lot more thrilling and truthfully I don't think the novel would have been nearly as exciting without these small sections throwing contrast into the parts flooded with Gabi's teenage angst.

By the end of the book, I was actually starting to feel sorry for the Stranger, to be honest, because I could definitely understand where they were coming from. Although I probably wouldn't have taken such drastic actions. Altogether I really enjoyed this novel and managed to read it all in one day because I was so desperate to find out the identity of the Stranger. I was rather disappointed by the ending and the identity of the killer mainly because all of my guesses were miles off but it was quite fun trying to weigh up all of the different characters and attempt to work out who the Stranger was.

This book actually reminded me quite a bit of Thirteen Reasons Why, so I think fans of that should definitely give this one a try. Are You Still There is a psychological thriller that focuses on hard hitting teen issues. While it was gruesome at times, it did not take away from the fact that everything was pulled together so neatly wound.

I had a hard time putting this book down. It made me angry, it made me cry, it made me shrink away it in fear, and it made me happy. This was an outstanding book, one I feel hits every issue in just the right way and handled everything perfectly. Author Sarah Lynn Scheerger captured the suspense aspect perfectly, as the mystery and intrigue continued to build throughout the book until the final reveal.

Some reviewers seem to think that romance should have had no part in Are You Still There, but I feel differently. Gabi seems more realistic, as she juggles her school work, volunteer activities, and her social life. Not being able to figure out how to let a guy down easy and trying to decide the best way to disclose a budding relationship definitely is in keeping with normal high school drama.

Being threatened and basically tormented by a bomber does not mean that regular life would stop, as most teenagers that I know would mostly put their fear in a mental box and go on with their daily activities.

The only part that did not seem believable to me is when Gabi does not disclose all she knows to her father. I can understand later in the book, when Gabi feels that her life will change if she confides in him, but it did not seem realistic when she had nothing to lose. I am not usually a fan of alternating points of view, but the free verse ramblings from the Stranger's Manifesto really helped to amp up the suspense.

I would recommend this book, both to teenage readers and their parents. Are You Still There is a book that can provide a good way to open a dialogue, especially about bullies and suicide. I received this book from NetGallery in exchange for an honest review. Gabi is the ideal daughter. After she is rescued by the police, events whirl into motion. She finds her closest friends within a group of unlikely people, the others working on the helpline.

Along with discovering new friends, a romance blooms between her and an outcasted student, Miguel. As the clues roll in, Gabi becomes more and more desperate, knowing the day the bomber will set up his next stunt.

Can Gabi save her friends, and the mystery bomber? Or will she have to make a sacrifice she might regret? Gabi- Our main protagonist, who appears just like every heroine of stories. Good girl, turned bad by the boyfriend. Some changes in her personality happened, but overall, she was still the same person, just with some different traits. The rebel child, who is jealous of Gabi for their parents loving her more, and seeming to do everything right.

The dark, brooding child may be hiding more than meets the eye. I did love the twists thrown into his personality that made him seem more realistic. Janae- Janae also defied my expectations by not being the person that Gabi and I assumed she was.

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Through its protagonist, this book has commentary on all the groups of high school: The dark, brooding child may be hiding more than meets the eye. Along with discovering new friends, a romance blooms between her and an outcasted student, Miguel. I am glad I gave it the chance it so desired. I loved this book.
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